Soaps & Degreasers

Soaps & Degreasers


A solvent based dressing that polishes and protects, vinyl leather and rubber. Shine can be enhanced by polishing with soft dry towel. Will not harm aluminum, chrome, painted surfaces or cloth if accidentally over sprayed. Sheds water and when properly applied will not leave behind “water tracks” or “stain trails” on the paint. Virtually waterproof, high gloss product.

Crete Release:

Crete Release uniquely attacks concrete, cement, stucco, mortar, and grout by softening the build-up into a mud. The safe formulation is designed to remove concrete from ready mix trucks, guanine trucks, pump trucks, equipment, concrete saws, pavers, molds, curb machines, tools, tankers, and forms. It cleans with the power of an acid but is mild enough for hand washing of equipment with little or no skin irritation. No secondary soap is needed for neutralizing Crete Release.


An environmentally safe excellent multi-purpose cleaner that cleans any surface. Can be used in any and all applications. Safe on all surfaces. A true “Green” product.


A multi-purpose specialty chemical for use by hand and high pressure washers. Can be used with hot or cold water. Great engine degreaser when used full strength. Also great on carpet cleaning for stain removal. Has a strong affinity for oil residue. Can be diluted with water to your satisfaction.

KD-330: Brown Soap Cleaner / Degreaser:

Extra strong, caustic based cleaner and degreaser. It is ideal for cleaning heavy equipment, over the road vehicles and off road equipment. This non-butyl detergent has just enough caustic to provide excellent cleaning horsepower while displaying the properties and usability of a non-caustic detergent. It is especially effective in cleaning exhaust stains, road grime and heavy deposits of dirt and oil.

KD-340: Extra Heavy Duty Cleaner / Degreaser:

KD-340 is a highly concentrated, butyl based degreaser designed for the toughest of vehicle cleaning jobs. The high-caustic formula has proven to be extra-effective in cleaning heavy equipment and off-road vehicles. It has the cleaning horsepower to remove heavy deposits of oil, grease and dirt as well as fifth wheel grease, hydraulic oil and diesel smoke stains.

Spray and Wipe:

This is a true concentrated cleaner. The wipe off cleaning and degreasing action dissolves stains and grease quickly and efficiently. This is our biodegradable soap.

Step One: Orange Acid:

This prewash product is intended to prepared painted surfaces or oxidized aluminum for washing. This product is NOT to be applied to glass.

Triple G:

A water based, all-purpose cleaning and degreasing product. Restores oxidized paint, removes grease, oil, dirt, wax, soap, gum, ink and light carbon. Can be used in parts-wash machine. There is no flash point to worry about. This product is super concentrated. Product can be diluted with water up to 50:1 for light cleaning.


A true multi-purpose, multi-surface, and multi-functional dressing. It protects, restores, seals, beautifies, and enhances the natural beauty of the original surface. Safe on leather, vinyl, plastic, formica, wood, kick panels, dashes, bumpers, bumper guards etc. Surface should be pre-cleaned and rinsed fully before vinyl dressing is applied. Water repellent after drying.

Wash & Wax:

A great hand wash soap with wax added to provide a shine with no water spots or streaks. Be sure to apply to a cool wet painted surface.


One-in-All is a fast acting, non- corrosive salt based organic concrete remover. This product has no harsh fumes or no extreme corrosive properties on metal. One-in-All will not harm paint, rubber, glass or wiring harnesses. Product may be diluted 1:2 on slight build-up. It is an amber colored liquid and organic salt.